Top Tips For Creating More Personal Email Campaigns

1. Gender

In order to create maximum impact it is important to customise your emails to appeal to the appropriate gender. This is more than simply creating a more relevant shopping experience by displaying products that are of the correct gender and interest, but also tailoring the imagery to grab the customers attention and inspire them.

2. Past Purchase of Browsing Behaviour

Instead of asking your customers what they like to buy, it’s often easier to analyse their behaviour instead. Take a look at what they are browsing and buying on your website and you can identify what your customers are interested in, allowing you to target a specific segment or cluster with relevant products.

Don’t just limit yourself to targeting recent customers, try targeting those inactive customers who haven’t made a purchase in a set period of time with a “we miss you” campaign, offering them a discount or special offer as an incentive.

3. Location

Sending customers offers which are based around their location can be an effective technique of personalisation. By identifying the individual’s location and a suitable distance around this, you can help ensure that when there is something to talk about nearby, the customer is still listening. For example, food lovers in Manchester will want to hear about the latest restaurant deals in Manchester, not in Birmingham.

4. Incentives

It’s important to remember that all customers are different, with some not as engaged with your brand as others. Often it is necessary to create some enthusiasm with those less engaged/inactive subscribers by offering a targeted discount to revive the relationship with your brand. Do this in a controlled manner to an exclusive audience and you are not cannibalising sales that would happen within your engaged audience.

5. Intent

A cart recovery programme is an essential part of any online retailers email marketing strategy, and can be worth 5% of all online sales. If a customer has added a product to their shopping basket then there is clearly interest in the product. Identify when a customer is in the process of researching a certain product and targeted messages based around their enquiry can be sent in line with the holy grail of email marketing – the right message, at the right time.