Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Welcome Email


1. Automate To Send Immediately

Be sure to deliver your welcome email immediately following sign up whilst you still have maximum engagement from that customer. Welcome emails are now an expectation, and realistically, they will produce your highest open rates after order confirmation emails.

2. Set The Standards, Start As You Mean To Go On

First impressions do count! Put together an attractive looking welcome email with some useful content and you’ll have a strong case for getting your customers excited about your brand from the word go. Additionally, be sure to make it clear why they have subscribed and define what they can expect to see in their inbox from you.

3. Incentivise

Everyone loves a freebie or a discount. Include an incentive in your welcome email to encourage the customer to make their first purchase. However, make sure your discount code is unique otherwise you may find your promotion across numerous voucher code sites online.

4. Don’t Over Do It!

Even if you have a whole bunch of unmissable benefits that you’d like to get across to your customers, make sure you keep the content of your welcome email concise and to the point. Instead of overloading your customer with all your content in one email, break it down into separate emails which can be delivered to your customers at key stages over the upcoming weeks.

5. Use It As An Opportunity

Welcome emails are a great opportunity to capture more data from your customers. Asking for too much data on sign up may affect the customer’s decision to continue – especially if you have a checkout or sales process.

Use a preference centre to capture additional preference data so that you can tailor your communications towards your customers interests. Make sure that you clarify why you are requesting for more data from them, highlighting the benefit to the customer.