Top Tips For Growing Your Email List


1. Incentive

People often underestimate the value of an email address, when in fact, there is a real value in collecting sign ups to your communications. Many people sign up to emails to receive discounts and promotions, so try using these techniques as an incentive to subscribe. Prize giveaways are often less effective as they can attract the wrong type of customer.

2. Targeted Lightboxes

Don’t assume that all customers will find your sign up form. Use lightboxes to proactively target new customers visiting your website, however, be sure to clearly highlight the benefits available to them. – “Sign up for to receive the latest discounts and promotions”.

3. Don’t Ask Too Much

The more data you can capture from your customers the better. However, don’t ask for too much information straight away as this can put the customer off from completing the process. Give customers the chance to edit their preferences at a later date, and use welcome emails to allow customers to tailor their communications to suit their interests and preferences.

4. Ease Of Sign Up

It may sound obvious but the easier the sign-up process, the more likely customers will complete it. Make your sign up button easy for people to find, perhaps at the top of your homepage, not buried deep into your website. Don’t overcomplicate the process and make sure that the sign-up process will only take a matter of seconds.

5. Use More Than Just Your Website

Your website isn’t the only place where you can collect customer data. For those with multiple customer touch points such as call centres or stores, use these as an opportunity to capture more data. For example, ask your frontline staff to capture email addresses when making the till transaction.