Top Tips For Maximising The ROI Of Your Email Campaigns


1. Testing

No-one knows what the best performing subject line will be or what the most appropriate time to send it is. There are pointers towards key performing times and combinations, however the only way to really know is to test and prove any theories or ideas you have. A/B testing is the simplest and quickest form of testing but it can be slow to test every element due to the fact you can only change one element at a time. Instead consider Multi-variate testing where many things can be tested at once and you will also find the best performing combinations of your tests.

2. Segmentation

Even if you can’t put together the ultimate in personalisation right now, simple segmentation efforts can make a big difference. This could be changing your hero image based upon the customers gender, re-ordering products or even changing the level of discount.

3. Personalisation

The biggest improvement you can make to an email campaign is to include highly personalised content. An important first step is to think about what that personalisation strategy should be, whether this is showing products based upon their last purchase or building a recommendation model.

4. Resends

Resending emails does work, and sending an email again can increase the numbers of unique customers opening, clicking and buying by significant amounts. With this in mind, try changing elements of your email so you’re not sending an exact carbon copy. Some will recommend you only send to nonopeners but this doesn’t take into consideration that the vast majority of those that opened did not click, and a lot of the clickers did not convert. If you add any suppressions, knock off those which have already converted.

5. It’s Not Just Email

We can sometimes get carried away with only focussing on our own channels, but to maximise the effectiveness of your email campaign it is also worth investing in your other channels. Do you send a postal follow-up? Have you got your re-targeting ads set-up? Are you integrated across social? Have you tried re-activating inactive subscribers through Facebook ads? All of these things can help to maximise the ROI of your campaigns and ensure your message is delivered successfully to your customer.