Top Tips for New Things You Could Be Doing With Your Email Marketing


1. Social Sharing to Aquire New Email Addresses

There is a huge opportunity to capture new subscribers when your loyal customers share your emails to social media. To take advantage of this new audience you need to give them an easy way to subscribe. Maxemail has this covered with the option to include a subscriber bar for any email opened via a social media platform.

2. Send From Your Team

We have all got obsessed with great looking HTML emails but why not try going back to basics and send a text only version of the email, sent from a real person, and personalised so it looks like a ‘normal’ email. Chances are this will stand out far more, if done on an occasional basis, than your typical marketing email.

3. Repeat Your Emails

The easiest tactic of them all is to simply send your email again. Maybe you want to exclude anyone that responded but remember the vast majority did not open the first time, and not because they were not interested but we all have busy lives and inboxes. Sending again can help you increase overall response by as much as 50%.

4. Test Perceived Norms

Maybe you have been sending every Thursday for the last 2 years. Maybe you have designed your template because that is how your competition structured their email. The world of email moves at a rapid pace so what might have worked well 2 years ago may not be the case now more people open emails as they are received on their phone. We often see things that work well for one brand completely fail for others – so don’t be scared of challenging these norms and see what happens.

5. Website Triggers

Technology has moved on to allow us to operate in real-time and, therefore, send emails at the exact time we need, based on a customer visiting your site. A good cart recovery programme where you reach out to customers within an hour of them abandoning their basket can generate as much as 5% of all online sales.