Top Tips For Re-Engaging With Non Openers

1. Stop Sending

Sometimes you need to bring back that fresh factor for your email recipients. Try bringing your emails to a halt for several weeks to those customers who aren’t engaging. This can increase the chances of your email being opened by these customers as the novelty factor is brought back.

2. Change the From Name

Changes to the from name can also have a positive effect on the freshness of your emails. We suggest using a first name within the from field to give your campaign a more personal approach. After all, people initially look to see who an email is from before they move onto the actual email itself. A new from name suggests that the content is likely to be different to previous emails too.

3. Do Something Special

In other words – Give your customers a big offer or promotion! For many, this could be an exclusive offer that will catch the readers attention and generate interest but for others, you will have to be more creative and make sure this email stands out from the rest and offers something different to the recipient.

4. Try Outside Of Email

If you’re still struggling to get that engagement back through email, it is always worthwhile trying to engage with your audience elsewhere. Facebook and Google both provide means for targeting ads by email address. Although they aren’t the cheapest of options and won’t provide a huge return of investment, where you have a big ticket value sale the numbers make sense.

5. Personalisation

It’s highly likely that you actually know and hold a fair bit of information about the customer. Perhaps you know that they have recently booked a holiday with you or you know what they have recently purchased or browsed from your site. Use this information wisely and include it within the subject line to help cut through the rest of the generic promotional emails in their inbox.