Top Tips For Using Email Automation Within Your Business


1. Save Time

Time is precious to the modern day marketer and no marketing or eCommerce team has enough hours in the day. This is where automation comes into its own by removing processes that used to be handled by individuals such as data uploads, content creation and reporting. A well thought out automation project should save a minimum of 15 hours a week from a typical email marketing process.

2. Send More/ Discounts

Marketers are realising a simple way of increasing email revenue is to send more emails – yet if only it was that simple. Automation enables this to happen without any extra effort. For example, a fashion retailer might want to reach out to their database for an extra mailing each week, with a ‘new in store’ email advertising any new products which may be of interest. Automation could select all the products for this automatically and send it out to the right list without any involvement from you.

3. Be More Personalised

Once you get beyond a handful of segmented versions of your email, you will realise that you can’t keep doing it manually. But invest in automation and the personalisation variations are suddenly infinite, allowing you to reach out to each customer in a unique fashion and tailor your content to the individual for a more personal and relevant customer experience.

4. Send At The Right Time

In the days of batch and blast, marketers simply sent everyone the same email at the same time. Now we can truly understand how email can play a vital role throughout the customer lifecycle, with targeted triggers for welcome emails, renewals, reminders and win-backs as just a few examples. Automation makes this possible by setting up a campaign, and letting your ESP deliver it to the right audience day after day.

5. Test At Scale

One often overlooked area automation plays a role in is testing. Most ESP’s can send A/B tests, but certain systems like Maxemail can also offer Multivariate testing to have many concurrent tests running all at once in your automated campaign. MVT increases the speed of finding results from your tests, and, therefore, getting to a higher level of performance quicker than the old method of testing.