Top Tips For Winning Back Customers Through Email


1. Incentivise

Customers are likely to return to your website if they have an incentive, especially if it’s one that is going to save them money. If customers haven’t engaged with your emails in a while, then you need to create a strong impact.

One way of doing this is to create a discount exclusively for them, to entice them into making a purchase with you again. Make sure that you don’t allow the promotion to get shared around, by using a unique discount code that can only be used once and perhaps by a certain date.

2. Stand Out Creatively

If you are trying to win back your customers then your email needs to be different and possess an element of creative flair to stand out above the rest. Go beyond the boundaries of your existing newsletter template and include some eye-catching imagery, as well as some winning copy to really win over the subscriber.

3. Be Personal

Personalising your emails can also help you grab the attention of a disengaged audience. Basic personalisation to the subject line can work well at winning back customers, such as including a subject line like “First Name, we miss you” can be a simple, yet effective solution.

Going beyond basic personalisation techniques, make sure your products and imagery within the email are tailored towards the recipient to help achieve that long-awaited engagement level. What works best will depend on the nature of your business, however, personalisation using past purchase and browsing behaviour or location often work well.

4. Do It Early

A win back email doesn’t have to be sent to a customer from many moons ago. It’s often worthwhile getting your content in front of customers again only a few weeks since their first purchase, especially if it was their first time buying from you.

5. Customer Preferences

One reason why customers might be ignoring your emails is because you aren’t sending content matching their interests and preferences. Ask your customers to update their preferences so you can provide them relevant content which they are likely to engage with. It’s also worthwhile reminding them what they’ve been missing and how great your products are.