Top Tips On How To Collect Email Sign Ups


1. Lightboxes

It’s highly unlikely that your website visitors’ sole objective is to sign up to your newsletter, therefore you need to be proactive and ask them to. One way to do this is to deliver targeted lightboxes to new visitors on your site. However, ensuring that the benefits to subscribers are clearly highlighted is an essential element behind success – e.g ‘sign up to receive the latest products and promotions from our store’.

2. Don’t Ask For Too Much

The more questions you ask when collecting email addresses, the lower the chances are that customers will complete the process. Providing you capture the essential details at the initial sign up (email address and first name), you can obtain more data at a later date. A preference centre is a perfect way for customers to provide you with more data so that you can tailor your communications to them.

3. Not Just Your Website

For those with multiple customer touch points such as stores or a call centre, these are a great opportunity to gather large volumes of email addresses. However, often the key challenge here is to get frontline staff to buy into asking customers for an email address, and then making sure these addresses are entered correctly. Start by setting simple KPI’s and measure based upon accurate addresses collected.

4. Incentives

A new email address is a valuable piece of data. Therefore there is real value in incentivising customers to provide you with their email address. However, it is essential to make sure that the incentive is tied to your business, for example, in the form of a discount or special promotion. Try avoiding things such as free prize draws as they tend to attract the wrong types of customers.

5. What’s In It For Them? have probably the most popular weekly newsletter around – and they really tell you why you should receive it every week. Visit their site and you won’t miss it. It’s a great, yet extreme example of how you should push the value of your emails to encourage people to sign-up. Yet many of us are still simply asking ‘Sign up for our newsletter’ – who wants to receive that?

6. How Do You Ask?

We often think the opt-in tick box needs to be a simple ‘tick here to opt-in to our emails’. However there are other ways of achieving this. One example is an Emailcenter client who had the following radio button options:

HTML (Pre-selected) | Text | None

This got an 80% opt-in rate, and they only really noticed when someone decided to change to a conventional way of asking when opt-in rates fell through the floor.

7. Subscriber Bar

It’s likely that you have a number of customers following your business on social media, many of which are not signed up to your email communications. The use of a subscriber bar within your email is a great way to help convert these social followers to email subscribers through a single click in your campaign setup.