Types Of Emails You Should Be Sending As A Retailer


1. Welcome Emails

The first email every customer should receive from you is a welcome message. Dumping customers straight into your main stream of emails is proven to be less effective. Use the first email to set expectations of the type of things the customer has signed up to receiving, and if they are yet to make a purchase, provide a unique discount code to encourage them to make the next step.

2. Newsletters & Promotions

A newsletter will only be successful if it is providing value to the subscriber, if it isn’t, you’ll find your newsletter left unopened across multiple inboxes. Focus on providing a personalised, relevant experience and where possible, tailor products based upon what you know about a customer.

3. Reminders

When you have a big promotion, one hit on the database is never enough. You don’t need to craft a completely different email, but you will need to make changes to the existing one, perhaps adding that layer of urgency in the subject line and copy. Using segmentation you can ensure that the reminder is only sent to those necessary.

4. Recommendations

As a retailer you should have enormous amounts of data on what customers have purchased or browsed. This data should be put to good use to create recommended products for every individual, providing them with relevant products that are likely to be of interest to them and ultimately, helping to increase your ROI and customer retention.

5. Basket Recovery

3-5% of your online sales should come from a well optimised basket recovery programme. Timing of this is crucial and your email should be sent within an hour of the basket being abandoned. If necessary, an additional email should be sent 24 hours later and another up to 3 days later if no action has still been taken.

6. The Second Purchase

Nearly all retailers will have a huge portion of customers who have only ever ordered once. Make a small dent in this and it creates a huge impact on the bottom line. The best time to do this is shortly after the first purchase where a personalised message or special 2nd purchase incentive will have maximum impact.

7. Review Requests

Product reviews make a huge difference to conversion rates, along with providing many other benefits including fresh content for search engines. Email is a strong channel for requesting reviews – if you leave it to the customer to write their own then expect limited response. A good email programme to obtain reviews will capture reviews from 10-15% of customers after they purchase.

8. Winbacks

Customers who have not purchased anything in several months or years need more of a prompt to come back and buy again. Here you can raise your discount level as you are only reaching customers who are not buying again, but incentivising them to do so can turn them into a loyal customer.


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