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9xb is an award-winning digital agency specialising in multi-channel digital marketing, ecommerce and website design. They’re passionate about providing their clients with great service, value and reliability to help them achieve positive results with their business and customers.

Objective and Situation:

Being a professional multi-functioning digital agency, 9xb were seeking a trustworthy and experienced email service provider who could offer an email marketing platform with advanced functionality, multi-user access and robust training and support network.

9xb’s current email service provider was unable to offer multiple agency-level and customer-level accounts for their email marketing platform. This was extremely important for 9xb in order for them to manage their client’s email marketing campaigns effectively with permission variants for each user.

9xb were unhappy with the email marketing tools available to them and required more advanced, user-friendly functionality for their clients, such as dynamic content and campaign automation. They were also looking for a platform with a reliable and knowledgeable support team in place, which is something 9xb didn’t feel they had with their current email service provider.


Our team met with 9xb to discuss how Emailcenter could fulfil their email marketing platform and support requirements. A tailored demonstration of Maxemail was provided to showcase the platform’s advanced functionality and user-friendly tools, with our team also running through the level of training and support offered to all users.

9xb were impressed with Maxemail‘s functionality and support, and after learning that multi-user access and controlled permissions came as standard they made the decision to migrate over.

Emailcenter created a bespoke package for 9xb with flexibility on email volumes. This was based on a yearly send figure rather than monthly, so they could easily manage their account and monitor the number of emails sent during seasonal fluctuations.

Our team worked closely with 9xb to ensure a smooth transition from their old email service provider to Maxemail, enabling them to continue delivering email marketing campaigns for their clients.

A comprehensive training schedule was also pulled together to cover all of 9xb’s requirements including system navigation, how to use the drag and drop email builder, add dynamic content, create segments and lists and manage forms. Emailcenter ensured that the training was carried out by the same people who would be providing support to 9xb moving forward, so they understood their requirements and a relationship could be built up from the start.


“With multiple clients using email as part of their ongoing digital marketing strategy, we needed an effective, reliable and easy-to-use email marketing platform which also provided fast, expert support.”

“Our previous provider’s typical support response time was 24-48 hours which was simply too slow. Since moving to Emailcenter, typical response times have reduced dramatically to under 15 minutes and quality has improved too.”

“As well as improved support, the platform has also effectively provided us with a system upgrade, thanks to an improved drag-and-drop editor, editable mobile views and more detailed reporting.”

Mark Pickering, Digital Marketing Manager at 9xb:

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