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What is a web version?

You will often see at the top of an email a piece of text which says something like “If you cannot see this email properly click here”.

This will link to a version of the email in the browser and is often referred to as the web version.

Why is it needed?

Different email clients render emails in different ways. Some might mess up the formatting so it is not legible. This is certainly the case with some mobile email clients although thankfully this is quickly changing.

The other reason is if images are not displayed. While some recipients will know how to turn images on, it is sensible to give people this additional option.

Key considerations

To ensure the web version link is legible keep it at the very top of the message, outside of any tables used in your main HTML. If you put it within a whole host of HTML some email clients will have issues rendering it.

If you already have a message at the top of the email asking to be added to a customer’s address book to ensure images are displayed, you need to consider how to display both messages without creating unnecessary clutter and eating into valuable space above the fold.

Some email systems that provide web version functionality do not let you control how it is displayed or the text you can use which can make it look stuck on.

If you are inserting the web version message manually and hosting the email on your website you may also want to stop it being indexed by search engines.

The Maxemail “weblink” function

Maxemail allows you to insert a tag in your email that will generate a personalised version of the email in the recipients browser, complete with their name and other personalised parts of the email including dynamic content. Click-thru’s are also tracked from here.

The wording and styling are completely customisable and the tag can also be put into the text version allowing you to link from here to a more graphical version, potentially removing the need to replicate the HTML in the text part of the email saving valuable time and effort.

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