Christmas Emails: One Good, One Bad!

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Over the past few weeks retailers have starting to send out the first of their Christmas related marketing emails. Although I am sure to have a new favourite by the time I am stuffed full on mince pies and watching the “Vicar of Dibley” on Christmas day, I have decided to share a couple that have already caught my eye.

One good


I doubt this email is personalised, unless the baubles change depending on the films you have recently rented! The fact that LOVEFILM have put the effort into customising the decorations makes me feel it is worth paying attention to this email.

The message is clear and to the point. The “Visit Shop” call to action and the time limit tells the customer what they need to do and when to do it.

It could be better though. The entire email is made up of images, when it would have been easy to turn the wording into real text, making the message clear even if images were disabled.

One not so good



After half an hour of scouring iStock in search of an image that doesn’t look tacky, overused or clichéd, I start to feel a little light headed and sick of looking at my computer. This email makes me feel the same way.

In contrast to the LOVEFILM email the Woolworths email makes me feel unimportant as a customer and as if I am not worth the effort. This email looks like it could have been an image taken straight from iStock that has just had “” stuck on top of it.

There is no clear call to action, just the generic phrase “Christmas gifts for everyone”. Who cares! Isn’t that obvious?

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