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A new edition into the Maxemail reporting suite is our “Email Engagement Report”.

One of the questions marketers often ask is; if I get 20% open rates for each email campaign, is it the same 20% or a different 20% each time? And how many subscribers never open an email?

The engagement report answers all of these questions by providing an open and click rate for each individual recipient based upon the emails you select. For example if a recipient has received 5 emails, but only opened one and not clicked on any, the report will show their open rate as 20% and click rate as 0%.

The report also shows the last time that someone opened and clicked on an email. This means you can either target those who have not opened in the last 90 days with a different message or even simply create a segment to suppress those that have not opened or clicked in the last 365 days.

Of course you don’t want to suppress those who have only recently signed up, so the report also outputs their first email and a count of how many emails they have received.

Additional data fields can also be added to the report to show how different segments are more or less engaged with your email marketing.

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  • This sounds brilliant. could you add on a quick guide on how to find and use it within Maxemail 5?

  • 1) Go to the Reporting section
    2) Right click and create new data export in that section
    3) Choose ‘Engagement Reports’ from the drop down
    4) Select any emails/folders you wish to base this report on
    5) Add any profile fields you wish to the report and press save
    6) Right click on the saved report and choose export to a file
    7) Give your file a name and when downloaded right click to export to CSV

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