Please stop mentioning the World cup

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Over the last few weeks various brands have decided it’s a good idea to fill my inbox with irrelevant junk which tries to work on the back of the World Cup. The problem with this is many of the links are extremely tenuous – ‘England are out so treat yourself to something nice’ has been the constant theme this week. It’s so predictable I know the email is coming before I receive it.

No value is  added to the email by mentioning the World Cup, it just seems marketers think that this  cuts through the clutter and empathises with their customer base. It doesn’t – it just adds to the clutter of all those other brands and their tenuous World Cup links. It all just reminds me of a politician claiming to like the coolest band of the moment in case it improves their street cred.

Just like I don’t want our politicians spouting on about their hip music collection I don’t want my favourite clothing retailers talking to me about football – that’s why the BBC Sport website and talkSPORT radio exist.

Another reason perhaps for this constant tirade of World Cup themed messages is the impact the event has on various businesses sales levels. Talking about the World Cup is not going to help here, particularly as you will be more reliant on your non-Football watching audience during this time. And don’t forget that less than 1/3 of the UK population watched the most popular England match so not everyone is footy mad right now).

What email marketers should be doing is the same as normal – cutting through the everyday inbox clutter by being relevant, timely and offering value to the receiving customer. So rather than keeping the World Cup in your subject line tell your customers what fabulous relevant products are in the email for them this time.

And now that England are out, please don’t just move onto Andy Murray as your next topic.