An overview of the Salesforce Integration & Maxemail

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Maxemail offers users a closed-loop system with data held in Salesforce being synchronised with Maxemail, and Maxemail reporting data stored against each contact record within Salesforce.

Synchronising lists between Salesforce & Maxemail

In Maxemail right click on the list you wish to add Salesforce data to and select ‘New Scheduled Imports’.

Here you will need to enter your Salesforce details & choose a report to import:


Using the Salesforce reports option makes it much easier to choose which customers to pull into your list.

Then you will need to map the fields from your Salesforce report with your fields in Maxemail:


Finally you need to define a schedule of how often you want the scheduled import to run:


Salesforce data will now be automatically imported into Maxemail without any manual intervention.

Viewing Email Activity against each contact record

All email activity is stored against each contact. Simply go to a Contacts page and you will see our tab listing all the emails they have been sent, and what they did with each email:


Click on this to get more detail on what they did with an email:


To get a detailed demonstration of Salesforce & Maxemail working together call your Account Manager on 01327 811884.