Cross-tab Reporting – what is really happening with your email marketing?

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Last October we launched ‘Segment Reports’, a feature to allow you to analyse results in a single or series of emails broken down by segment of your database.

Now we have taken this further and launched ‘Cross-tab Reports.’

This allows you to take 2 separate types of segmentation and view email performance between them. For example you might have used Segment Reports to view performance between male and female customers, and created a second report for performance between age groups. However what differences do you see between males and females of different ages?

Here is how that report might look:

This shows we are getting good results for our older audience, but more problematic for younger groups, and in particular young males. Interestingly older males outperform females in the same age bracket. So what can we do to change if anything? How about:

  • Look at the data collection process; are we getting the same quality of sign-up within these age groups to explain the difference in performance?
  • Does the content appeal to all groups? If not, try utilising more targeted sends or tailored content using the Dynamic Content functions.

Using this analysis we can start to move away from the idea of each email having a target open and click rate, and move towards having targets for each specific segment of customers. As soon as we see it in this form, then it is easier to identify & measure strategies to improve smaller, specific segment performance, rather than the daunting question of how to improve the performance of the whole customer database.

To have a demo of the Cross-Tab & Segment Reports features, or have them enabled please get in touch with our Client Services team.