Maxemail Version 6 – Coming soon

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We have been working hard to develop even more innovative features in Maxemail and will soon be releasing Maxemail Version 6.

Version 6 will contain some exciting new features, including:

Visual Feedback Interface

  • Give feedback on an email design by tagging/highlighting the actual email within Maxemail itself.
  • Feedback is visual and therefore will reduce ambiguity and save time.
  • With all feedback and comments in one place there will be no more endless email chains.
  • Store revisions for archiving/auditing purposes.

Advanced HTML Editor

  • Ensure branding consistency by locking down areas of a template.
  • Update all emails using a particular template by simply updating the master template.
  • Easily change the order of content within a template and add/remove content blocks.
  • Maintain a content library of assets and simply drag content into the email.
  • Dreamweaver compatible – create a ‘Dreamweaver Template’ (.DWT file) and import it into Maxemail without the need of any special markup code.

Automated Split Testing

  • Predetermine win criteria and Maxemail will complete the send once campaign results are in.
  • Choose criteria on any statistics, including open, click and conversion.

Enterprise Control

  • Define specific access rights to data, emails and assets per user.
  • Control which groups of users have access to which lists, emails, content, reports and other assets.
  • Set read and write permissions on any folder.
  • Each user can belong to any number of groups and Admin users can see and edit everything.

To speak with a member of our team about any of the features above please call 01327 350921 or email our client services team.