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Following the recent publicised data breaches at a number of digital and email marketing organisations, we thought it appropriate to emphasise that Emailcenter takes and is continuing to take measures to safeguard our customer’s data held within Maxemail.

Password strength meter

One of the methods hackers use to gain access to secure systems is to make a ‘brute force attack’ on a users login. This means they will try and guess a password by using thousands of common words used in passwords.

Maxemail contains a list of millions of such ‘common’ passwords, which it does not allow users to have as their password. Users are also shown how secure their password is by Maxemail’s password strength meter.

Encrypted connection

Whenever you input any data into Maxemail it is done so over a 256bit high grade encrypted connection. This means that when you are doing anything from inputting your passwords or uploading data, this information cannot be accesses by any third parties.

IP restriction

IP restriction ensures that only those on your specified IP can gain access to Maxemail. To set up IP restriction simply:

  1. Find out your IP address at
  2. Log into Maxemail as an Administrator.
  3. Select ‘Edit User’.
  4. Tick ‘IP Restriction’ and enter your IP address.
  5. For those wishing to access Maxemail in multiple locations, they should enter the IP addresses from these locations, separated by a comma.

Maxemail will also ban IP addresses that try to login too many times in quick succession.

In addition, there are certain steps that your organisation can take to increase the security of your data:

  1. Ensure Maxemail users regularly review and change their login password.
  2. De-activate login details for employees that have left the organisation.

If you would like to discuss your data security with a member of our client services team, please call 01327 355871.

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