Introducing our all new ‘Insight Reporting’

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When we all first started sending email marketing campaigns, I’m sure we will all agree that we were amazed at the amount of reporting data available to us. We could see in real-time who opened, what they clicked on, and later, what they bought and for how much.

Yet once you have got over the initial excitement and try and use these reports to improve your email marketing the buzz dies down as they don’t provide any insight into what to do next.

The reason is that email marketing is not about a single message – its success is based upon your entire relationship with your customers via email. Think CRM, not Campaigns.

As an example the biggest impact upon whether someone will open an email is not the subject line, the from name or the time of day you sent it; It is all the other emails you have sent previously. So if the recipient has found the last few emails they opened were dull and had nothing relevant to them, this will drive their desire to open it or otherwise, more than whatever you state in the subject line.

Therefore if this is how email works then we need a new way of measuring these long-term factors to go alongside our basic metrics, heatmaps and other campaign-specific reporting. This is the driving force behind our new ‘Insight Reporting’ toolset within Maxemail.

Insight Reporting allows you to build your own dashboards and reporting pages that provide the trend and in-depth analysis you need to make informed decisions about your email marketing. Within the report you can add your own text and headings, and produce a presentation-ready PDF for download.

The reports available to include currently are:

Performance Over Time

View trends on a selected range of emails, or actual numbers on emails delivered, click traffic and revenue generated.

Breakdown Report

Allows you to see two types of emails side-by-side (Let’s say your newsletters versus promotions), or one set of emails in two different ways of reporting


Shows how many emails people open, including how many people never open the emails. You can apply segmentation criteria to compare engagement of segments within your database


This shows average open rates after someone has subscribed, for each email they receive. For example, the very first email subscribers receive might average 40% open rate, but by the time they receive their 5th email you might only average 15% open rates. This enables you to see how quickly members in your list start to disengage from your communications, and highlight the need to introduce measures such as increased segmentation and tailored content, reduced frequency and multi-stage Welcome programmes to overcome this.

Tag Performance

If you use our tagging system to tag your emails you can compare different types of emails performance, or see how much traffic or revenue each type of email brings to your database.

The video below shows how to setup your first Insight Report. Over the coming days  and weeks we will be adding further posts on each of these reports to show you what you could learn about your email marketing.