Emailcenter launch first integrated Multivariate Testing solution for email marketing

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Emailcenter are pleased to announce the launch of the Email Industry’s first Integrated Multivariate Testing tool for email.

While ESPs have offered A/B testing functions within their platforms, and some 3rd party solutions are available, this is the first time a full scale multivariate testing solution has been built within an ESP’s offering.

Multivariate testing takes A/B testing to a new level by allowing marketers to test more than one thing within their campaign, without losing validity of the results. Now marketers can implement all of their desired testing in much shorter periods of time as a result.

Initial pilots of the tool by Maxemail users have seen click rates improved by as much as 49% versus the original control message. Typically customers are experimenting with button colours, call-to-actions, hero imagery and headlines.

Setup of a Multivariate testing email is easy. Simply create the content variants, tag each one as to what part of the email it should appear, and insert the Multivariate testing tokens into the relevant sections of your email. Maxemail then calculates all of the combinations between variants, and sends each to equal random samples of your list. Reporting is automatically available against Multivariate testing emails, showing both every combination of variants (full factorial) or the best performing variants without taking into account the combination of variants (Taguchi).

Offering both analysis options allows marketers with even the smaller data sizes to start taking advantage of Multivariate testing.

Customers interested in enabling Multivariate testing to their account should contact their Account Manager in the first instance.

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