MVT Rocks: Why email Multivariate testing is better than A/B testing

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Maxemail has become the first email solution to have a true Multivariate Testing (MVT) option built in, but why have we added it? Essentially we have added it as it gives marketers much greater power than simple A/B testing.

Here is why MVT Rocks compared to A/B testing, on email marketing campaigns:

Quicker to test

A/B Tests can only handle one change at a time – any more than this and you have no idea what caused the change in performance, and by how much. Therefore it can take forever to test everything you want to test. However with MVT you can keep adding new tests as you think of them, and automatically work out the best performing combination, cutting test time from months to maybe a day.

Easier to identify change between combinations

MVT not only identifies the best variations, but also the best performing combinations. Indeed just because you have identified one call-to-action works better than another, it might not actually perform best against other hero images or headlines you want to test.

Easier to manage

Each A/B test is a different creative, and therefore a different email. While most ESP’s still make this fairly easy to manage, it is still clunkier and less scalable than MVT where more than a handful of test variants are wanted.

A/B Testing still exists though, as it has its place. Where you are perhaps testing fundamental structual changes to a template, or only testing one thing, then A/B testing works fine. However if you are serious about your email testing strategy, then MVT is the only credible option.

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