MVT or A/B Testing: Which to use on your email marketing campaigns

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MVT or A/B testing?

For years marketers have been limited to running A/B tests, but now Maxemail has brought MVT to the email marketing world it and opens up a whole new world of testing opportunities.

A/B Testing is not redundant though. There are still plenty of circumstances you might want to use it. Here is our quick guide:

  1. You are only testing one thing – use an A/B test as this is not a Multivariate test!
  2. You are testing huge changes to structure, content or essentially it is a completely different message – A/B test it
  3. You don’t have much data – A/B tests might be the only option but try our calculator to make sure
  4. You have lots of things you wish to test – MVT is the best route to keep the number of creatives manageable
  5. You are testing an ongoing automated email – use an MVT test as it enables you to test more and a lot quicker
  6. There won’t be much difference between results – use an A/B test as you want as much data as possible to ensure reliability of the result

Maxemail is the first email marketing solution to offer a fully featured MVT offering. Contact us if you want to learn how it can dramatically improve your email performance.