High opens but suffering from low click rates? Keep Calm and Inbox Preview

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Keep Calm and Inbox Preview


In email marketing, opens and clicks are bread and butter.

You have the perfect subject line. It is fully tested and designed to move smoothly through any spam filters.

You have great open rates.

Your content is spot on, your messages are brief and to the point and your images and layout work in perfect harmony.

Despite all this your click rates are terrible.

What is it about your email that is not getting people fired up enough to make that next step and follow a link?

Perhaps it’s because your recipient is not seeing the same email you are.

Major mail clients such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook have their own quirky ways of rendering the text and images within your carefully prepared HTML email. Unrequested line breaks can appear, text can be misaligned and images can be cropped, moved or completely invisible.

And that’s without getting into how your email might look rendered on a smart phone.

So what?

If your recipients can’t make sense of your email they will lose interest. If they are interested but the call to action image that you so carefully designed is mangled or has no link attached they will be unable to proceed.

So, thanks to quirky email clients you have less clicks, less conversion, less return on investment for your email marketing.

Now what?

To solve this problem you need to be able to see how your email looks to your real life recipients. It may be that when you send a single test to your particular email client everything looks fine. So how do you check as many possible different mail clients to identify problems?

Method 1 – Manual Sending and Checking

1. Sign up for an email address with every major email client:

a. AOL
b. Gmail
c. Hotmail
d. Yahoo!

2. Download the following browsers and email clients:

a. Firefox
b. Chrome
c. Thunderbird
d. Outlook 2000
e. Outlook 2002
f. Outlook 2003
g. Outlook 2007
h. Outlook 2010

3. Create and maintain a data list with all email addresses of all your testing personas.

4. Ensure you own a minimum of:

a. 1 x PC
b. 1 x Mac
c. 3 x SmartPhone (one AppleOS, one Android, one Blackberry)
d. 2 x Tablet (one AppleOS, one Android)

5. Prior to you campaign start date, send a test email to all of your testing personas

6. Open your email in every client across every browser across every operating system

7. Incidentally you’ll probably need to employ a new member of staff to do all this for you:

a. 1 x new member of staff

Method 2 – Maxemail Inbox Preview

1. Click Inbox Preview
2. See previews of how your email will render on 36 different client and operating system combinations
3. Identify any potential problems and use our HTML for email guide to solve them.
a. Ring our friendly support team if you really need to.  Emailcenter offer free support, after all.
4. Relax
5. Repeat until satisfied