Mobile Email Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Here at Emailcenter we have compiled some statistics that shed new light on a consumer’s mobile email habits and have put together an infographic to show our findings.

For instance, 45% of smartphone users do not read their emails, but they simply scan and delete them. With 43% of all UK consumers now able to access emails on their mobile phones, this could spell trouble for email marketers.

Mobile is perhaps the hottest topic in email marketing right now. Our infographic highlights some of the key mobile email statistics that should influence email marketing campaign strategy.

These findings reaffirm the importance of mobile usability to the success of an email campaign. It is essential that subscribers accessing email on mobile devices get the same quality experience as those using a desktop client.

Responsive design techniques now allow email marketers to have their emails auto optimise for both mobile and desktop devices. This not only saves man-hours but also drastically improves user experience and ultimately the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Luckily for you, Emailcenter offer a free guide on responsive design for email.

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