When Relevance Is Not a Good Idea

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Relevance is the key to successful email marketing, but sometimes on its own relevance is not enough.

This American Apparel email is ‘technically’ relevant in that it is connected with the matter at hand, but what this company failed to realise is that relevance is in the eye of the recipient. At the time the email was sent these recipients had far more important issues to contend with, such as Hurricane Sandy!

As we all heard over the last few days, things got pretty serious on the East Coast of America with Hurricane Sandy.

Unfortunately whilst most people looked on hoping that everyone would be ok, others saw an opportunity to get more ‘relevant’ with their email marketing. One such example was by a company on the West Coast of America who fired off the email below on Monday night right around the time the storm hit land.

It is not enough to be ‘relevant’. Your customers must also want to receive your emails, and unfortunately this email may have come across as a little insensitive and inappropriate.