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Gunsub Style

No one wants to lose a subscription, but unfortunately life isn’t always perfect. You need the best and most powerful toolkit available to manage your subscribers so that you don’t have to. If you are using our Maxemail unsubscribe methods then you know they are a fast and hassle free way of managing subscription. They offer one of the best solutions that we know of for users wishing to opt out of marketing emails.

Why is our unsubscribe method so good? Because there is no management or administration involved and everything is handled by Maxemail automatically. The days of tediously importing unsubscribe logs are a thing of the past.

We offer both one click and confirmation unsubscribe, as well as local (specific to one list) and global (system wide) unsubscribes, so that you have complete control. Our customers love the kind of customisation that Maxemail offers enabling them to produce high quality, relevant emails.

Some of our customers have asked us how they can style colours on their unsubscribe links and their weblinks, since it’s done slightly differently to how you might think. This brief explanation aims to demonstrate how it’s done.

You’ve probably tried a few things yourself; here are some common mistakes people make.

<a style="color: #2e0854;"> [gunsub:unsubscribe] </a>
<span style="color: #2e0854;"> [gunsub:unsubscribe] </span>
<span style="color: #2e0854; text-decoration: none;"> [gunsub:unsubscribe] </span>

There’s no shame in this, these are quite logical approaches. However the [gunsub], [lunsub] and [weblink] syntax generates a link when live. The result of this is the following.

<a style="color:#2e0854"> <a href="">Unsubscribe</a> </a>

An unsubscribe link has been generated within a link meaning that the unsubscribe link is unaffected by the style within the outer tag.

Now we’ll show you the correct method.

<a style="color: #2e0854;" href="[gunsub]"> Unsubscribe </a>

And it’s as simple as that. What we’ve done is create a link and put the [gunsub] statement straight into the link destination field, so that when this email is live it will generate the following.

<a style="color: #2e0854;" href=""> Unsubscribe </a>

And that’s how we Gunsub Style!

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