Email Marketing Best Practice for Magento Users

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Maxemail + Magento

At Emailcenter we have a lot of experience of working with Magento based retailers, helping them move away from the ‘spray and pray’ approach to email marketing to one which is personalised, tailored and automated. Thanks to our Magento extensions it is quick and easy to combine the capabilities of Magento with those of our Maxemail platform, making a very powerful ecommerce and email marketing solution.

To help Magento users with their email marketing we have put together a list of key best practices.

1. Personalised product content

Typically online retailers have always sent the same products and offers to everyone on their customer list. However over time this lack of relevance in the messaging sees open and click rates drop as customers stop opening messages. Emailcenter customers using the Magento integration are able to avoid this and see higher engagement rates, and ultimately generate more revenue from the email channel by automatically personalising every customers email with specific products the customer is likely to be interested on based upon their purchase history. This might be content tailored around ‘People who bought this also bought this’, or including the top sellers within the last product category they bought from.

2. Reduce Cart Abandonment

With 70% of shopping carts getting abandoned, retailers are presented with a huge opportunity to convert many of these once lost sales. An easy way for Magento users to recover these lost customers is to send an email with Maxemail, complete with a list of all the products they have left behind and a link back to their shopping cart. This can recover as much as 15%-35% of these shopping carts.

3. Synchronise Customer Data

Magento holds a wealth of valuable information about your customers but with some email marketing service providers it can be difficult to utilise this information within your email marketing. However, Maxemail will pull information in on what products your customers have bought, what product categories they are interested in, how much they have spent, the number of purchases, when they last purchased and much more. This makes it super-fast to start using this data to target customers automatically, based upon their attributes, behaviour or purchase history. For example you can quickly create automated emails to be delivered when someone signs up, when they go 90 days without purchasing or even create an alert to customers when a new store opens in their local area. All this can be done without a long winded data integration project or any IT involvement.

4. Enhanced Email Analysis

Combining the rich data held in Magento, with the depth of reporting in Maxemail enables Magento users to identify much more valuable insights from their email marketing than the basic reports normally provided by an email marketing agency. For example you can:

  • Drill down into segments to see how each performs
  • Understand when your list starts getting fatigued
  • Work out how many people are never opening your email and how to treat them differently

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