Email of the Month: I’m Lovin’ This Tasty Marketing Email by McDonalds

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This is the first in a series of blog posts that highlights some of the great marketing emails that get sent via our Maxemail email marketing platform.

The bar for email marketing is continually rising, with brands now competing with each other in the email inbox just as much as they do via TV advertising. The effort put into this marketing email from McDonalds illustrates just how seriously the fast food chain is taking email as a channel.


McDonalds are encouraging their subscribers to share their email content with the ‘put yourself in the postcard’ section. Where email subscribers put themselves in a quirky postcard and share it with their friends. This is a fun and effective way to engage their customers and has the added benefit of getting their message shared via social media as well as email.

The email was created as part of a series of email marketing messages contained within McDonalds’ campaign focusing on their ‘Last Great Tastes of the World’ range. This Indian themed email design promotes their ‘Chicken and Chutney’ burger to great effect. The rustic but vibrant background design really adds to the Indian atmosphere.

It is just a shame that marketing emails haven’t advanced to the stage where you can download Burgers direct from the email, because the one in this email looks pretty tasty. I am sure if the guys from Weird Science grew up and got jobs at Google then we can expect to see this feature made available in Gmail soon!

In conclusion for a company that sells a very commoditised and offline product, McDonalds have done a great job with engaging with their email marketing subscribers. That is why McDonald’s receive the soon to be coveted award of Dave’s Email of the Month.