4 Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Examples

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Shopping cart abandonment is a big issue for retailers, with between 70-80% of all carts being abandoned by consumers. Some even predict this figure could rise to 90% in the near future. With all of these potential sales slipping through the net it is staggering to think that only 1 in 5 online retailers send shopping cart abandonment emails to recapture these sales.

In an effort to encourage more retailers to start sending shopping cart abandonment emails I have selected some of the best examples I have been sent, to give you some inspiration. After having conducted some extensive research into the shopping cart abandonment emails sent by some of the UK’s top retailers we found the following examples.

The key elements that make up a good shopping cart abandonment email are timing, personalisation, visual reminders of the products, saving the customer’s items in the basket and making the call to action links stand out.

All Saints Shopping Cart Abandonment Email

This shopping cart abandonment email from Allsaints shows a clear integrated approach to the fashion retailers branding across all channels. The email is personalised to me by name and it contains not only my abandoned basket but also some related items to peek my interest. The call to action is subtle yet strong enough to encourage me to return to my shopping basket and complete my purchase.

schuh shopping cart abandonment email

This shopping cart abandonment email from Schuh is nice and compact, meaning that all key elements are visible above the fold. As any good email marketing professional knows, keeping key email elements above the fold, dramatically increases click rates. The text is functional and friendly and the items are displayed clearly. There seems to have been some issues with the punctuation when opening the message in Gmail but with proper testing this could be easily fixed. The simple ‘sale’ background subtly draws the reader’s attention to the fact that there are bargains to be found and when the ‘complete your order’ button is clicked, the customer is taken back to their abandoned basket.

dabs shopping cart abandonment email

The image of the heart broken abandoned basket really stands out and makes an impression in a crowded inbox. The majority of the text seems to be offering help with technical issues. However shop.bt.com do address the fact that consumers may be shopping around to find the best price and challenge to ‘beat any price’. There is also a clear ‘return to basket’ button for anyone who just got distracted. With its clear layout, simple colour scheme and highly contrasting call to action button, this shopping cart abandonment email stands a great chance of re-capturing the sale.

thomas cook shopping cart abandonment email

This shopping cart abandonment email from Thomas Cook is particularly good as it addresses likely reasons for the shopping cart being abandoned. The best example of this is the clear orange label stating ‘our best prices are online’ which may address the concerns of people who were researching online in order to book in a physical store. The email also has a clear call to action and clear branding throughout. The only downside is that it arrived 3 days after the cart was abandoned. Perhaps most consumers are less hasty than me and spend a little longer searching for their holiday. In which case 3 days may be an appropriate delay before sending the shopping cart abandonment email.

So now that we have shown you several examples of good cart abandonment emails hopefully you will feel confident enough to start creating your own and enhancing your ecommerce profitability.

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About the Author: Craig Loynes is the Marketing Manager of Emailcenter, the UK’s largest independent ESP. Connect with +Craig Loynes on Google+ or follow him on Twitter @craigloynes for more email marketing insights.

About Craig Loynes

Marketing Manager at Emailcenter, the UK's largest independent ESP. Connect with +Craig Loynes on Google+ or follow on for more email marketing insights.