Behavioural Email: Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Behavioural email (or Bmail as we like to call it) is an umbrella term which covers a number of very clever things you can do with marketing emails. It is the way to make your emails more relevant and targeted to individual subscribers.


Take the example of a shopping cart abandonment email, probably the most fundamental of behavioural emails.

This is how things go without behavioural email

  1. Customer visits your site
  2. Customer browses various products
  3. Customer adds some of these products to their shopping cart
  4. Customer gets distracted by something*
  5. NO SALE

*Distractions may include but are not limited to; hungry pets, belligerent children, unexpected doorbell ringing, weekly call from mother or pop up add telling the customer they are the millionth visitor to browse their site and are entitled to a free sports car.

Now, this is how things can go with behavioural email

  1. Customer visits your site
  2. Maxemail tracks the customer behaviour
  3. Customer browses various products
  4. Customers adds some of these products to their shopping cart
  5. Customer gets distracted by something
  6. Maxemail sends a trigged email which contains:
    • A personalised greeting
    • Relevant images based on the previous browsing
    • A link to the saved basket
  7. Customer clicks on the link to their saved basket, is redirected to the point that they were distracted and proceed to complete the transaction.
  8. SALE!

Behavioural email uses actual data from your browser and their browsing behaviour to automate the sending of emails and the content within them. Once you have correctly configured a behavioural email you can let it run and watch your reports roll in.

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