Email of the Month: Setting the tone for healthy email marketing with The Nutri Centre

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Following on from the first in this new series, I am pleased to present this month’s coveted email of the month award to this marketing email from the health and nutritional product retailer The Nutri Centre.


This marketing email from The Nutri Centre was sent in January and is capitalising on the new year tradition of us Brits trying to improve ourselves in one form or another after the excesses of the holidays.

The heading of “New Year…New You” is not uncommon in marketing emails or any form of marketing at this time of year. It is a gentler way of saying “you need to go on a diet”. ‘Gentle’ seems to be an appropriate word to sum up this marketing email. It uses gentle persuasion and aspiration, to prompt the reader into action.

The colour scheme is light and healthy looking. You might ask, what is a healthy colour, or an unhealthy colour for that fact? Well a good example of an indulgent (and not particularly healthy) colour scheme is that used by Marks & Spencer when advertising their “This is not just any…” range of premium and indulgent products. These adverts are using dark and rich colours to whet our appetites, in contrast, the marketing email from The Nutri Centre is doing the exact opposite. They are trying to inspire us to leave indulgence behind in 2012 and aim for a lighter healthier life in 2013.

Aspirational images form an important part of many marketing emails, but it is perhaps an even more important element of a health retailer’s marketing emails, as subscribers need to have images of goals to aspire to. Whether these goals are to look as healthy as the people in the email, eat the salad the man in the email is eating or to break their cigarettes in half.

Subscribers are also incentivised by a ‘13%’ discount on selected products during 20’13’. This year specific discount is a nice touch and is one that was used last year by VisitBritain to link their offers and promotions to the special year for the UK of 2012. VisitBritain offered a 20.12% discount on many attractions.