One Click: Test Your Email in 40+ Email Clients

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Email marketers spend a lot of time crafting beautiful email designs and templates, only to find that when they send it out, it does not render correctly in a lot of email clients. This scenario is sometimes made all the more unpleasant when your Boss receives your email in an email client that messes up your design. This is a frustrating situation, but one that can be avoided through thorough testing.


Thorough testing may sound like a lot of hard work, but with Maxemail’s Inbox Preview feature it is as simple as clicking one button. Once you have initiated  an Inbox Preview test you will be able to see exactly how your email design renders in over 40 different email clients.  With this feature you can preview your marketing email in all major mobile, desktop and webmail email clients, allowing you to make sure that your email design renders beautifully for your Boss on his iPhone!

Inbox Preview

Whilst Inbox Preview is a fantastic feature that will save you countless hours of manual testing, it doesn’t actually offer a complete solution to your email rendering problem. After all, knowing that your marketing email does not render correctly is only useful if you know how to fix it!

We have written a number of guides to help you ensure your marketing emails render correctly, a few of which are listed below:

If however you are still struggling with email rendering issues, please contact one of our HTML experts.