A Day in the Life: Email Marketing Consultant

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Working for an email service provider as an email marketing consultant requires a well developed ability to multi-task. Take a look at a typical day in the life of Simon, Emailcenter’s lead email marketing consultant, to understand why.


After putting the kettle on and discussing last night’s football match with the rest of the team, Simon check’s his emails. Today he has a message from a new client who is looking to improve their email open rates. Simon responds to this email and arranges a time to talk about their email marketing requirements. In his reply he explains that while email open rates are important the ultimate goal should be to increase the overall ROI of the email campaign. In his response he includes several ways they could better achieve this uplift.


Knowing that he has a conference call in 10 minutes Simon uses this time to review the results of a managed email campaign Emailcenter run for one of our retail clients.  He starts an email containing his analysis of the results, but leaves it in draft, ready to pick up later.


Simon has a conference call with the marketing manager of a leisure company that have seen a lot of information online about responsive design and designing marketing emails for mobile devices. They would like to know how they can create such emails. Simon recently co-wrote a how-to guide on this very subject and discusses it with the client. The mobile email marketing toolkit contains all the information needed for clients to create mobile optimised emails. Simon also shows the client how to use Maxemail to see how many of their subscribers actually check their email on a mobile device. He discovers that only 9% of their email opens come from mobile devices and suggests that whilst catering for these customers is important, they should not make this their number one priority. Appropriate plans are however put in place and a follow up is scheduled.


Simon now finishes the email for the retail client and sends it off to the ecommerce manager, with his suggestions on how to better segment their data to increase the relevance of their email campaigns going forward.


A product development meeting is next on the agenda. As the lead email marketing consultant for Emailcenter, Simon is in a good position to feedback on what he thinks existing and potential clients are looking for in an email marketing platform. Simon likes the direction the platform is going.


Simon spends the rest of the morning on a call with another client. This particular client in the travel sector is looking to encourage previous customers to book another holiday through them. Simon suggests that reminding the customers of their previous holiday will make them more likely to open the email. He then discusses the depth of customer data held by the client and suggests how they can use this information to create more effective, personalised emails.


After talking emails all day, Simon decides to take lunch and check his emails!


As our lead email marketing consultant, Simon is often asked to present seminars and speaking sessions at online marketing conferences and exhibitions.  He is working on a presentation, which will focus on how to use hyper-personalisation and automation to build stronger relationships with subscribers.


Moving from one email marketing service provider to another can sometimes be a daunting prospect for marketers, but Simon and his team are dab hands at managing this process. Today they are working with a new charity client to ensure their email marketing switchover goes smoothly. Simon is briefing one of the client services team on how to transfer this particular client’s data and how they would like their emails automated via Maxemail.


Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem and an equally big opportunity for retailers. As such, Simon often finds himself promoting the many benefits of Emailcenter’s shopping cart abandonment email solution and today is one of those times. An online clothing retailer who doesn’t currently know how big of an issue shopping cart abandonment is for them would like some help. This client is a Magento user, so Simon walks the them through the simple process for installing our solution and sets a date to review the initial findings and setup a shopping card abandonment recover email programme.


Tomorrow Simon is on the road, visiting a client in the insurance industry. He spends the rest of the day putting the finishing touches to his email strategy review presentation. Things have been going very well with this client’s email campaign, with conversion rates going up 20% year on year. Simon has identified some additional areas for improvement however and includes them as recommendations.

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