Maxemail: Updated User Interface and More

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Here at Emailcenter we are always looking for ways to improve the user experience of our product. We have been working away, behind the scenes, on a new and improved workflow for the most core function that we provide: Creating and sending an email marketing campaign.

We took a step back from the system and looked at it with fresh eyes, trying to imagine how we could make the system easier to use for entry level and brand new users. We know that intelligent email marketing is where the future is and we want to make it as accessible for new users as possible.

So, after several months of sketches, testing, development, more testing, a bit more development, tweaking, beta testing, a tiny bit more tweaking and a lot of hard work, I am proud to present, Maxemail’s new email workflow.

The New Workflow

When you log into Maxemail on the 29th April onwards you will spot some differences to the system straight away.

The Welcome Area

Maxemail’s dashboard now has a quick access area which has been designed to help users start off the most commonly used workflows. From this new welcome area you can create a new email or a new list. With this new email or new list we are hoping that new and experienced users alike will be able to log in and get to work on their latest email campaigns as quickly as possible.

The welcome area

Like with all aspects of the dashboard however, should you find that you no longer need it, the welcome area can be relocated, removed and, if you miss it, added back in again.

You can also take a look through the manual if you are planning to try out a new feature for the first time. We have also put together a handy intro video to explain how to use the new workflow.

Speaking of which…

New Workflow

We have redesigned the way the basic flow of creating an email works within Maxemail. We feel that the new approach will make creating emails easier for those less familiar with the system.

New Workflow

We have included the following new features:

  • A six stage process flow that takes you through the email creation process
    • Setup
    • Content
    • Data
    • Preview
    • Testing
    • Scheduling
  • An inline help area that guides you through the process of creating your email, throughout the six stages.
  • Autosaving ensures that you never lose work again

Summary area on the Scheduling tab

Gives a nice summary of some key elements of your email.

  • Your defined subject line content
  • From name and from address the recipients will see
  • List total the email will be sent to

Summary Area

Acts as a handy reminder before you flick the switch on the email campaign. Make sure you double check this area before clicking the Set to Approved button and sending your message out to the world.

The smaller but by no means less important changes

Easy Admin Management

Easy Admin Management

A useful new feature for Agency level users of Maxemail, or anyone who manages a large number of users. We have added different icons for you to distinguish between users who have Administration rights within the platform and those who do not. Need to know which of your users can make changes to the customer space? Look for red user icons to see who has the power to make such changes, at a glance.

Row Count Added to List Export

Row Count Added to List Export

Before you download an ’email list export’ file from Maxemail, you may wish to double check if it is the correct file. We have now made it possible to check this by right clicking to access the properties screen and see the Total Rows that the export  file contains. Very useful if you can’t remember exactly which export you wanted to look at, but you know for a fact it had at least 10,000 records. Also good if you are about to do some number crunching and are looking for a file of a minimum or maximum size.