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All of the Information All of the Time

First of all, let me introduce myself as the newest member of the Emailcenter team. As Product Manager I will need to be aware of many different aspects of the company and the software at any one time. As with any new job this will be exciting but also a challenge and I will hope to have access to a great deal of information in order to learn as much about the platform as quickly as possible.

My first weeks in the position have been spent using the comprehensive online manual as well as speaking to my new colleagues along with much of my own testing within Maxemail itself. All this has given me a great start and I have been making sure to gather all the information I can into one place (my old school notebook!) as I go, so that I can return to an overview of what I have learnt whenever I need.

Sometimes trying to manage all the results information from your individual campaigns can be similar to this. Overwhelming, time consuming and generally a bit of a “challenge”

Step forward Comparison Reports…

Comparison Reports allow you to select a number of previously sent campaigns and see all the standard engagement statistics, such as sent, bounces, opens and clicks, as well as responses and unsubscribes, all in one place!

Comparison options

This means you can quickly and easily see which campaigns worked better than others and which generated the most interest from your recipients. Much like my trusty notebook this can become an invaluable reference to just the right information you need to quickly improve your knowledge, letting you make informed decisions on how you might put together your next set of emails.

Total Opens View

It is even possible to include your preset data segments as part of the comparison report which lets you see what segments of recipients are interacting with which emails. This can make your reporting very powerful indeed.

select segment

In addition to all this, as from Update 55 it is even now possible to include Triggered emails in these reports as well as set a date and/or time range to give you just the information you want with only a few clicks.

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