New Gmail Inbox: Good News for Email Marketers

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As a long time Gmail user (and fan) I have a few things to say about the new Gmail inbox, none of which are very positive. However when I put my email marketing hat on, it makes me feel better.

As a Gmail User: Why I Don’t Like the New Inbox

Throughout my teenage and adult life I have accumulated a fairly long list of email accounts, but in recent years I have settled down and made Gmail my online home. So much so, that I don’t even use Hotmail (now as my unwanted email defence system anymore. I have setup an additional Gmail account for this.

In my main Gmail account I operate a strict zero inbox policy. Something that is made easier as I am very selective with who I give this email address to. So before Gmail introduced their new inbox I was able to see all of my specially selected emails on a single screen. Now I need to click on the “Social” and “Promotions” tabs in order to see the small number of emails that are in their. This is a little frustrating as a user, so I will probably just turn the tabs off.

As an Email Marketer: Why I Do Like the New Gmail Inbox

Now this is why I think the new Gmail Inbox is good news for email marketers.

The Emails have their Own Section

Marketing emails will no longer need to play second fiddle to emails from family and friends, as they are given their own stage. Ok it may not be the main stage, but it is their own stage and audiences know what they will be getting when they visit that stage.

I would compare this to the Avengers Assemble movie. It was an okay movie with a lot of nice superheroes in it, but Iron Man didn’t get much time to shine and SpiderMan wasn’t even seen in it! The Avengers Assemble movie is the old Gmail inbox with everything bundled in together and a lot a competition for the audiences/subscribers attention. Whereas the ‘Promotions’ tab of the new Gmail inbox is the place you can get unsolicited Iron Man and Spider Man action (Your marketing emails are Iron Man or Spider Man movies – Just in case this metaphor got confusing!).

More Relaxed Email Screening Process

Before Gmail introduced their new Inbox, I operated a very strict selection process when deciding who to give my main Gmail email address to. During the past week since the change however, I have found myself more willing to give organisations my main gmail address, because the ‘Primary’ tab of my inbox will be unaffected by the increased number of emails.

Less Likely to Unsubscribe

Similar to the above point, I am less likely to feel the need to unsubscribe from emails, because they are no longer intruding on my ‘Primary’ inbox.

Make Movies People Want to Watch

So in summary, marketing emails no longer have a small part in a big movie, they have their own movie . It is up to email marketers to ensure they offer their audience/subscribers enough value and entertainment, so that they keep coming back to see the sequels.


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