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After months of careful planning, development, testing and coffee drinking, we are now happy to announce the launch of the latest feature in Maxemail – The Drag and Drop Email Builder.

The Email Builder allows you to make use of pre-built components to quickly and easily put together a professional looking email campaign, with absolutely no need for any knowledge of HTML code at all! Using only very simple drag and drop, point and click functionality, the Email Builder will make building professional, personalised emails fast, easy and dare I say it… Fun!

The Drag and Drop Email Builder is aimed primarily at the less technical user who know how they want their email campaigns to look, but do not know how to code fully functioning HTML marketing emails.

The more technical user may also find the Email Builder a useful tool for trying out different designs quickly and with no need to think about how the code needs to be changed behind the scenes.

Create, edit and preview your emails and know that the Email Builder will take care of all that tricky HTML code for you.

Request a demo of the new Drag and Drop Email Builder or call us on 01327 811884, if you would like to discuss the other ways Emailcenter make email marketing easy.

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