Emailcenter’s 404 Page – Pick Who to Fire!

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A quick Google search for “cool 404 pages” brings back oodles of examples of creative error pages produced by hipster web developers and marketing managers. Having been inspired by these funky 404 pages, I decided to create one for Emailcenter – view Emailcenter’s 404 page.

404 page - Pick Who To Fire

Emailcenter’s 404 page gives visitors the opportunity to punish one of our tech team for failing to prevent you seeing the error page. Since the error page was launched a month ago, power hungry visitors have wasted no time in exercising their inner Alan Sugar’s.

I thought it would be interesting to reveal which of our developers have received the chop most times. Drum roll please…

404 page - You're Fired

The award for the most unpopular developer at Emailcenter goes to… James – having been fired 680 times in the last month.

Martin is the 2nd most fired, Chris is 3rd and Luke escaped being sacked more than any of the team..

Why not take a look at our 404 page and decide who you feel should be fired.

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  • Sebastian Müller

    The best 404 error page ever seen! You guys surely rock! 🙂