Can you be too relevant?

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It was Halloween last week so as well as filling our youth with sugary snacks, I partook in my own Halloween custom which involves going through my inbox and assessing the damage. In other words looking at the marketing emails which have latched on to the Halloween bandwagon. One that caught my eye this year was protein shake powder, set in a spooky email layout with a trick or treat related subject line. Another was a popular pizza delivery chain that had managed to link Halloween to free garlic bread (vampires hate garlic and, by extension, garlic bread). These emails couldn’t be more relevant to the event in hand, but they add no value to anything.

Relevance is a key concept in email marketing, with Maxemail you can use our advanced dynamic content to hyper personalise each email. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite case studies here. But with great power comes great responsibility, before adding personalisation to your email you should assess whether or not it adds value for the reader.

You should also make sure that you don’t limit the scope of vision too far. Recommended products based on previous purchase history can be a great addition to your strategy, but don’t base the entire email around that one feature. Just because I’ve bought one thing it doesn’t mean I’ll always want to purchase other items within that product subset. You’re better off, in addition to recommended products, taking your hottest product and making it centre stage. Or even more effectively, identifying a few of your hottest products and targeting them based on your captured user data like gender, age group or interests.

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