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A Guide to Automated Emails

Automated emails are an easy and hassle free way of mailing your customers. Not only are they simple to implement, they are an effective way to build relationships with your subscribers / customers. The best part is – once set up, you can leave it running in the background leaving you with plenty of time to do all the other important things on your to do list.

Automated Emails

Imagine if Amazon manually sent out an email every time someone created an account or made a purchase. The time, money and manpower required to keep up with the demand would be astronomical. Automated emails eliminate this issue, as once implemented, all your emails will be automatically sent out based on a series of predetermined rules.

There are many different types of automated emails, so here is a brief overview of some of the most common and why they are an email marketing ‘must have’.

Welcome programme

An email programme designed to engage with your new subscribers/customers at the point of sign up or account creation. These automated emails can be standalone or form part of a series of emails that welcome new subscribers, highlight the benefits of your brand, provide important information or simply give a general insight in to your business.

Transactional email

Setting up a transactional email programme is quite straightforward. Sending order confirmations, updates and shipping reports are all things that a customer is keen to receive. Setting up automated transactional emails not only keeps the customer informed, but also gives them the best possible experience of your brand. And why not use these emails to highlight other products and services related to your customers’ previous orders?
Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment email

Sending your subscribers an email reminder when they leave your website before checking out their shopping cart, is a simple, yet effective way to recover potentially lost revenue.
Product Reviews

Product Reviews

An automated email programme sent to a customer who recently made a purchase via your website, requesting a product review. This is a great way to showcase to other prospective customers how great your products are, and also provides them with a way to instantly compare different products on your site, limiting their need to compare elsewhere and navigate away from you.
Customer Surveys

Customer Surveys

Like Product reviews, an automated email asking your customers about their recent experience with your brand is always a good way of gaining customer insight. If the feedback is positive, use this detail on your website to give you a competitive edge by highlighting your superior customer service.

Birthday Emails

Let your subscribers know that they are loved with an automated birthday email. Why not offer them personalised discounts and offers designed specifically to celebrate their special day.
Anniversary Email

Anniversary Emails

Remind your customers that you value them with an anniversary email programme. Again, why not include a special anniversary offer created especially for them, to encourage additional interaction with your brand? After all, we do all like vouchers!


Do you have inactive subscribers? How long have they elapsed for? Never let them go again by implementing an automated re-engagement/winback program. Simply set a timescale for how long your subscribers should be inactive for, set your email programme to this timeframe, include specially crafted discounts and offers, then sit back and let your emails bring them back

Nurture Emails

Have you got subscribers that have never fully engaged with you? If you want to give them a helping hand you can set up a nurture programme to slowly drip feed them all your latest news, offers and information to entice them to engaged.

Automated emails with Maxemail

Setting up automated emails has never been easier with Maxemail. Check out our case studies to see how our automated email programs have helped our clients achieve great results.

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