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Building better relationships with your customers.

Maxemail for Magento

We’ve talked in the past about shopping cart abandonment and even best practice for Magento users, but now we give you the all-new Maxemail for Magento Extension! Now you can create intelligent, hyper- personalised email campaigns based on abandoned items, previous orders and related products, so you can drive revenue and increase brand loyalty.

As with any eCommerce platform, you have the ability to gather lots of information about your users like; personal details, what they have previously bought and even items they have browsed. But the real question is…what do you do with that information once you have it?

Here are a few of our top tips on how Maxemail for Magento can help you to use this data to strengthen your relationship with your customers and increase revenue!

1. Include related product information in Order Confirmation emails

It’s a common occurrence that confirmation emails get significantly higher open rates* than any other type of email. So why would you waste this opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell related products?

Think about it. You’ve just made a purchase on your favourite shopping site and you instantly receive an email confirming your purchase. You are always going to open this email to make sure your order is correct, and to check where and when your items are going to be delivered. So while you have that customers’ attention why not use the opportunity to give them a run down of further items that they may be interested in purchasing. Better yet, make sure those products have some relevance to the item(s) they have just purchased to further enhance their need to buy.

2. Shopping Cart Abandonment Programme (SCA)

So what about those “nearly sales”? Are you going to let the customer walk away? Or are you going to make an effort to get that customer back into your store to check out the items in their cart? The best solution here could be to implement a shopping cart abandonment programme. Following up with a customer who has recently left items in their shopping cart, would allow you to re-engage with that customer on a more personal level, to encourage them to return to your store and check out.

Lets consider two scenarios:

Scenario 1 – You do not have a shopping cart abandonment programme

1. Customer visits store.
2. Adds a few products to their cart, and even fills out their email address to move on to the checkout stage.
3. The customer gets tired of shopping, has to go collect the kids from school or maybe even gets distracted by just one more go on Flappy Bird!
4. Even if they do remember later that they wanted to buy something, the chances are they have forgotten which store they were on. So after completing a search they find the same items on another store and make their purchase. You are then left with an full basket of items gathering dust on your database.

Scenario 2 – You do have a shopping cart abandonment programme

1. Customer visits store.
2. Adds a few products to their cart, and even fills out their email address to move on to the checkout stage.
3. The customer isn’t sure that t-shirt is the one for them, goes to make a coffee or gets caught up watching cats falling off things on Youtube
4. 20 – 30 minutes later you send an email directly into their inbox with details of not only the things they’ve left behind, but also a selection of products that they might be interested in, based on the items already in their shopping cart. You could maybe even include a discount code to further tempt them back.
5. Customer realises that they have made a terrible mistake leaving those items behind and head back to your store to check out their items.

3. Segmentation Based on purchase data.

Then there are times where you want to target specific customers at just the right time, with just the right products, so you can tempt them back to your store to make a further purchase. Using the Maxemail for Magento extension for example, along with a full Maxemail account, you can access the kind of data you need to target your subscribers in this way. With only a small amount of information on an individual recipient you can send highly personalised, highly relevant messages. For example; you can show a customer a selection of boots that would go lovely with the pair of jeans they bought last time they were in your store. And because you might be sending this email a week before their birthday, you could also include a tempting 20% off voucher code so they can treat themselves.

To get started with the Maxemail for Magento Extension today…for FREE, or if you would like more information about how we can make email marketing easy for you, request a callback or call us on +44 (0)1327 811884.

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*Source – Experian Transactional Email Report

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