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It may sound simple, but one of the key elements behind a successful email campaign is having good quality data. Primarily to give you piece of mind that your emails will be delivered, but also so you can be confident that the recipient will actually be interested in the content once they receive it.

Collection of data can be done through a number of different methods. Most techniques however are sporadic and only provide you with opportunities to capture data on certain occasions. Some techniques such as purchasing data are unlikely to provide you with lists that contain subscribers who have opted in to receiving your emails, which will lead to that heart breaking moment when you realise only a few of the recipients have opened your campaign. Worse still, that it has not even been received, as the email addresses no longer exist!

So, how can you build or continue to build a clean, reputable database?

The answer is simple – Forms. At Emailcenter we ensure that we only work with campaigns which are being sent to credible data, and forms are the key driving force behind growing a rich and credible database. Forms are a useful approach which, if used right, can provide you with a greater amount of information on your recipients than just the usual email address and first name. This in turn enables you to segment your list, making sure you are creating personalised and relevant emails which can be delivered successfully to your targeted audience.

Every recipient within your database is unique, and they should be made to feel this way. The more data captured relating to each subscriber, the easier it is to apply complex segmentation, personalisation and a dynamic content methodology to your campaigns. Using forms wisely you are able to capture information including; contact information, demographics and interests. Using this information, it is easy to transform the content of your emails from being generic and impersonal to becoming engaging and relevant to each of your recipients.

growing your data

Data is key to personalisation and dynamic content. But data capture through forms is not a process to be rushed if you wish to maximise the number of good quality leads. Your approach to forms should always depend upon the audience you are trying to reach and the offering you are providing.

To ensure completion of your forms, they should be easily visible,  quick to complete and provide value for the user by offering free resources, promotions or simply updates that the reader doesn’t want to miss. The more data you capture within your forms, the more personal and dynamic approach you can take. Be careful though, as asking for too much information straight away may discourage the reader from completing the form, so it is important to establish the right balance. You don’t need to capture all the information straight away, and it is often worthwhile following up with a welcome email giving the recipient the option to update their preferences so you can send them more relevant emails.

preference center

Example of a preference centre – Ask your recipients what their interests are.

Inevitability, the results of your email campaigns come down to whether the recipient has received content they deem to be relevant, interesting and engaging. These three factors can all be applied to your email campaigns by creating a clean, up-to-date, and detailed database. With forms as the starting point of this process, you give yourself every opportunity to take full advantage of personalised and dynamic content. Your recipients are increasingly demanding relevant content in their email and simply starting with “Dear First Name” is no longer good enough to be classed as “personalised”. Most companies (78%) agree that all email communication will be completely personalised by 2019 (Email Marketing Industry Census 2014, Econsultancy).

Maxemail’s Form Builder allows you to easily create professional, branded online forms with the ability to store collected data directly in your profile fields. Featuring real-time logging, behavioural triggered emails and automated email updates, our comprehensive form builder makes it easy to manage your entire form lifecycle.


  • Real-time activity log
  • Automated triggered emails
  • Live email updates
  • Website integration
  • 15 form items to use
  • Pre-populate your form
  • Multiple responses
  • Auto save

To find out more information about Maxemail’s features, get in touch and find out how you can maximise your email marketing through Maxemail.

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