New Year : New Look

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Well that all happened very quickly, It seems as if only yesterday I was wishing everyone who crossed my path a seasons greeting then low and behold we are back at the office feeling refreshed and ready face all of the challenges that this year has to offer.

With the ringing in of the new year, we decided this was the perfect time for a little refresh of our brand . For those of you who have been with us over the last twelve months you will have noticed a small transition of our brand into what we have just released.

Today we have launched our revamped website. Frequent visitors will notice the addition of new pages and some changes we have made to the old ones, including all of our software pages.

One of the highlights to the website is the addition of a meet the team page. To me it seemed a bit strange that many of our customers, who we interact with daily, can’t put a face to a name. With this inclusion we have also added a small and occasionally humorous insight in to each member of staff.


The Journey of Email Marketing

We are also pleased to announce the release our latest whitepaper, The Journey of Email Marketing”, giving you an interesting overview as to how Email became the number 1 tool for Marketers and why it continues to be the most effective resource for ROI.

Our goal over the next 12 months is to bring you more insight and knowledge on email marketing by releasing tutorial videos for our Maxemail Users, Webinars to give industry insight and also give you a more detailed view of everything that goes on here at Emailcenter.

On behalf of all of my colleagues, I wish you a Happy New Year and I hope you have a successful 2015 .

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