Why you Should Love Email

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Why you should love email
Most people think email isn’t that sexy. It’s been around since the early days of the internet and everyone does it. If you want to be the cool kid in class, you want to be the trend setter and be the first to wear the latest pair of Nike trainers (Note: I understand phrasing it like this makes the author un-cool!).

That is why so many other things get more publicity than they are worth – 5 years ago I remember someone telling me that QR codes were going to change the way we all market. Before that Facebook was going to kill email, and recently one client was talking about their Snapchat strategy. However, we all know that most of these cool channels and tactics won’t, and haven’t made a dent on the bottom line.

So we thought it was about time we stood up for email by providing you with some key reasons why you should fall in love with email again this Valentine’s Day:

Best ROI of all channels

We could pick dozens of reports to highlight this, but let’s use E-Consultancy’s Annual Email Marketing Census. Here it highlights that 68% of marketers rate their ROI from email being ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ – more than any other channel. Additionally, the DMA report that the average ROI for email is nearly £25 for every £1 spent. I think we should all love a channel that is this effective.

The best email campaigns dramatically outperform basic ones

We could quote any of our multi award winning case studies which show what happens when you move from ‘batch & blast’ to a highly personalised strategy.

Cottages4u saw a 500% increase in click-through rates when they personalised their campaign with a series of cottages recommended for the recipients next break. Additionally, Toptable saw a 1,600% improvement in customers coming back to book a restaurant through the site when they targeted their incentive.

As soon as you move out of ‘batch & blast’, results do go through the roof – and knowing 70% of brands do no personalisation whatsoever we know those average ROI figures are even better for personalised email marketing.

Customers on your email list are are worth as much as 10x more than non customers

We don’t just provide a solution to send emails – we also help our customers with their strategy. Time and time again we like to highlight the importance of email to senior management, beyond what they are seeing in their top level KPIs. One issue marketers have is that they all rely on tools like Google Analytics to tell them how many people ordered as a result of any channel. These simplistic attribution models fail to take into account that multiple channels influence a purchase, and it’s not just the first or last click.

One test we use is to keep 10% of customers back from an email campaign and compare the sales for these customers against those that did receive the email in the following days. Using this reporting technique we get a true reflection of how the email performed without relying on just clicks, and see that some people are influenced just by the email hitting their inbox. There is usually a 40% increase shown in our report versus the clients own report, showing email is even better than they thought.

We have also run customer lifetime value analysis on those opted-in email addresses, versus those that are not. Over 3 years a customer is likely to be worth 10x the value if they have opted-in, as email builds that relationship. As such, we recommend our customers only use opt-in data.

95% of online consumers have an email address

And of these, 91% will check their email at least once a day. Email is huge – you cannot use most online services or social networks without one, and this is only set to grow.

So for this Valentines Day, why not make that conscious effort to fall in love with that old trusted friend ‘Email’ you might not have paid much attention to over the years. For more information about how Emailcenter can assist you, speak to one of our experts today on 01327 811 884





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