April Fools is Coming – What will your email joke be?

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It’s that time of year again, where there is an opportunity to do something fun and silly within our emails on April Fools Day. I thought this would be a good opportunity for a short post with some examples from previous years of how others have injected some foolishness into their 1st April emails.

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Fooling Around

Getting something fun that aligns with your brand can be tricky – who would have thought that toptable could make a side joke around restaurants. Sometimes you need to think slightly out of the box, as they did here, with a scratch and sniff idea to get information on the smell in each of the restaurants.


Play on the date

Sometimes you might wonder who on earth buys some of the products you sell – something IWOOT themselves have played on here by suggesting some of their products which could easily be part of an April Fool.


Spirit of the Brand

Threadless are a great example of how to have a joke on all those email promotions around the 1st April. And it fits the brand perfectly to suggest ’24 Hours Nothing is on Sale”, while still managing to deliver customers a targeted 20% promotion if they click-thru!


Invisible Shoes

Wynsors is a very fun family footwear retailer and this silly approach fits well with them, introducing the first invisible shoes of the new season.


The Man Skirt

Boden have previously gone for inventing a product, including the hassle of photography. I had to double check if this was an Aprils Fool as with all good 1st April jokes there is a lot of realism with a very realistic and tongue in cheek name of the item of ‘The Marylebone Man Skirt’ which is very Boden.

So there you have it, some email inspiration to help inspire you to inject some fun into your emails this April Fools Day.

Happy April Fools Day!

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