The importance of sending highly targeted emails

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Why you should be sending highly targeted emails

It is easy to adopt a basic bulk sending email strategy as it does work, and can still outperform other channels. However this often means there is a lack of drive to enhance your email strategy and adopt new smart techniques, as you are already seeing a reasonable return from a basic strategy. However you could be doing so much more, by providing your subscribers with highly targeted emails, helping to increase its contribution to your revenue even further and enhance your subscribers experience.


As far as I am concerned the batch and blast days are long behind us. Here are 2 reasons why you should go beyond a simple batch and blast email strategy and take a more targeted approach:

1) By not targeting, your emails you are missing out on revenue

You could dive into our case studies section and find numerous examples of crazy uplifts that highly personalised emails using dynamic content have received over batch and blast – our Cottages4u case study shows a 500% increase in click-thru rate.

It’s also the missed opportunities, by not sending emails at the right time of the customer lifecycle. Whether that be a welcome programme, cart recovery, win-back or renewal. These emails should generate 22% of your email marketing revenue according to research by the US DMA. If you are not sending them, this is revenue lost.

2) By not targeting your emails, you are harming your email revenue

Not only are there revenue opportunities missed, you are also damaging your database health if you continue to batch and blast.

The main reason why a customer does or does not open your email is not always down to the name or subject line. It is often based upon their past experience and impression of your emails. If you receive several emails in a row and none of them are of interest, you develop an opinion that these emails are not providing any value to you. As a result, next time you receive an email you are likely to leave the email unopened or unsubscribe from the communications altogether.

Our Insight Reports suite in Maxemail has a report that highlights this perfectly. This shows the average open rate for each of the initial emails a subscriber receives. Normally the first email someone receives from you has the highest open rate, even if you don’t have a welcome programme. However for batch and blast emailers the open rate quickly drops, so by the 5th email it is a fraction of what it was.

Let’s compare this with a retailer with a highly targeted email programme. While there is still a dip in performance, this is a more gradual decline. There will always be standard wear and tear on your email database. However by sending targeted email programmes, the fatigue will be much smaller, making your database more active and responsive in the long term.

The combination of these reasons create a more than compelling case for evolving your email marketing. However, if you don’t know where to start, why not give one of our email experts a call today for an informal chat on how to improve the targeting of your emails.

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