Our Favourite 5 Subject Lines of 2014

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Our Favourite 5 Subject Lines of 2014

1) LinkedIn: ‘Rupert, your SSI score is 30’

This email was sent to me with my SSI score embedded in the subject line. I had no idea whether this is good or bad, or what on earth SSI is (For those of you interested it stands for ‘Social Selling Index’). This however did intrigue me, making me want to open the email where I found out all about SSI and informing me I needed to improve my score.

2) Boden – Don’t keep it under-wraps – 25% OFF EVERYTHING

No copywriting entry could be complete without a Boden example. And here we are cheating and including several subject lines all from the same campaign. What makes Boden emails so fantastic is the brand really comes across in both the copy and imagery used. This subject line was backed with others in future sends including “There’s no time like the ‘present’ – 25% OFF EVERYTHING”, and “25% OFF unwraps MIDNIGHT”. All of these work brilliantly with the concept of each offer starting or ending and being replaced by a less desirable offer. Boden emails are fun and the quirkiness cuts through the clutter of boring flat copy from brands in the inbox.


3) Mothercare: Rupert, get 20% off your little one’s birthday present

I received this email a few weeks before my toddler’s birthday. The subject line shows personalisation beyond just adding my name, by being both personal and relevant to me, making it stand out in the inbox.


4) KLM: Treat yourself to some time

First name personalisation is often really tacky and simply stuck on. It can work but loses its effect after a few uses. We really like this campaign from KLM where they integrated the first name into the concept of ‘Me time’, making the first name worth including and not simply stuck on.

5) Lands End: Tick tock, tick tock… make sure you beat the clock!

There are many ways to approach urgency in the subject line. Many of us would have simply gone for a ‘HURRY’ or ‘Last Chance’ but here Lands End have gone for a different, less aggressive approach that still drives the urgency but also ties in brilliantly with the overall creative concept for the campaign.

So there you have it! 5 Subject lines that will provide you with inspiration to maximise the performance of your email campaigns.

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