Maximising the Performance of your Transactional Emails

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Your transactional emails are likely to experience extremely high open rates, and with a small amount of effort, can be crafted to work alot harder. Here are my top 5 tips for maximising your transactional emails to ensure they are more effective.

Cross-sell and Upsell

Adding a simple lookup table for every product in Maxemail can suggest complimentary products within that first order confirmation email. For a retailer, this might be accessories or additional items in the series, or for a travel company, this could be car hire or airport parking.

Later on, perhaps in the delivery update emails you could move on to suggesting alternative items for their next purchase. However, make sure that you only offer these opportunities to those who have opted in to receive your communications.


As touched on above, there are various opportunities to recommend the next purchase. There are quite a few popular methodologies such as ‘People who bought this also bought this’ or ‘More items from ’.

Choosing the right one for you depends on what is right for your audience – Amazon have the widest selection of products you can sell, so the ‘People also bought…’ works great for them. But if you are more niche, and customers buy from the same product category, perhaps recommending other items from that category would work best for you.

Opt-in Messaging

We typically see customers get a maximum of 60% opt-in through the checkout process if they have a legal and ethical opt-in statement. This presents a problem as there is a significant number of customers you can’t market to. Consider a targeted offer in the transactional emails where if they click to opt-in, they will get a discount off their next purchase, or an incentive such as a prize draw.

Latest Promotions

If your brand carries a lot of promotions throughout the year, try including a banner for the latest one in your email. This is a great way of informing customers of current incentives and gives them a reason to return and place yet another order. Clearly this is not going to be important until you send any despatch confirmation emails but is one of those marginal gains for little effort.


The only way you will get the scale of reviews you need is to use email. We recommend including a set of solus emails to request these, yet why not have several bites of the cherry and include links to review in each and every email you send?

To find out more about how Maxemail can help send your transactional emails either through our transactional SMTP service or through our API talk to our team today!

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