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One of the major ways to increase revenue from email marketing is simply to send more good quality emails. However that is not exactly easy for most clients with limited resources. However, there are ways that the whole production process can be simplified to reduce the amount of time spent on building emails.

Data Integration

It`s worth spending time getting all of your customer data automatically pushed into your ESP. This way you won`t have to mess around importing CSV files each time you want to send an email. For a one-off effort, you can save yourself hours every week, plus reduce the risk of human error. Once the data is in the ESP, you can still slice and dice your lists with segmentation rules that can be saved and re-used time and again.

There are various ways you can integrate data with your ESP – it could be dropping files onto an FTP server overnight, using the API to push records in, or use something like Maxemail’s Form Handler which allows you to integrate your existing web forms to push data into Maxemail automatically and trigger emails on the back of this event.


Nearly everyone uses templates for their emails, and creating them isn’t as difficult as it used to be, especially if you don’t know HTML code. Many ESP’s have email builders, designed to provide you with the tools you need to create the perfect email quickly and easily. But what if you create the perfect email and decide you want to use it as your template. Maxemail allows you to convert any email you create into a template, so you can use your handy work time and time again. Even if you have a HTML template created and you want to make amendments, this can be easily achieved with the Email HTML Editor. This WYSIWYG editor gives you control so you can easily make tweaks without the need to recode the template yourself. So regardless of your ability, there is a solution for you.

Automated Content

Adding content such as products from a feed rather than manually building them not only saves significant time, but also allows you to be more relevant by personalising what you insert for each individual. Our example with Cottages4u showed a 500% click-thru increase over items selected manually.

Proof Testing

It`s 5pm on Friday and you still need to get your email sent. You want to go home, as does everybody else and now is the time when mistakes can easily be made. Maxemail has a variety of tools to assist with the testing process to make sure your email is sent error free. From having a one-click seed list to send to, through to Litmus integration so you can spot any rendering issues, Inbox Seeding to make sure you are not experiencing any junk issues, a preview tool to check any personalisation and dynamic content without having to set-up cumbersome seed lists, and of course check email which looks for any common mistakes we have seen.

Then of course there is the approval tool so you can ensure nothing gets sent without going through the defined process.


It`s not just the activities up until the send of the email that you spend a lot of time on. It`s also the post send reporting and the updating of your KPI`s which eats up your week. This can be overcome by scheduling reports to be sent to your inbox after a set number of days and creating your own custom dashboards displaying all the latest and relevant statistics right at your fingertips. Effective reporting tools and features are essential for saving time in the analysis of your email campaigns.

If you want to explore more ways to save time on your email production process talk to our Client Services team for more insight.

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